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Pay Dues/Update Club Roster

To pay dues and/or the mandatory convention fee or to manage your roster online, you must login as your club. Enter the club’s username (six-digit club number) and password. As of January 9 2018, passwords must have at least 7 characters, including at least 1 letter and 1 number.  Please follow the prompts to change your club’s password.  Please note you will need to have access to your club’s @soroptimist.net club email address.  If you have questions about your club’s login or password, please contact siahq@soroptimist.org.

What You Can Do Online:

Update club/membership information:

  • Add new members with payment, terminate members, identify the new club president and treasurer, update contact information for all members, including email, and change certain member types.
  • Discontinue (terminate) gift magazine subscriptions for non-members or Friendship Links.

Make payment for the following, using a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) or a bank debit card:

  • Pay member dues, SI dues.
  • Make contributions to Founders Pennies, Club Giving and other donation types.

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What You Can’t Do Online


Dues/Fees Amounts

2018-2019 Federation Dues and Fees

  • $74.00 - SIA dues (Life members pay $10 without a magazine subscription)
  • $5.00 - per capita payment to Soroptimist International
  • $5.00 - Club liability insurance
  • $5.88 - Founders pennies (optional)*
Additional fees:
  • $10 one-time fee for charter, new and reinstating members

Prorated federation dues for the 2018-2019 club year:

  • Members inducted July 1 through December 31 pay $74.00.
  • Members inducted January 1 through June 7 (or the annual dues billing for the upcoming year) pay $37.00.

*For the 2018-2019 club year, voluntary Founders Pennies are $.06 for every year that Soroptimist has been in existence: $.06 x 98 = $5.88 per member. Read the Founders Pennies FAQ.

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