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Hi, I am Adrienne Horen, member of SI/Center City, PA (North Atlantic Region), and long time donor and supporter of the Soroptimist Dream Programs. In my 30+ years as a member of this organization, I feel like I have had a front row seat in watching the Dream Programs develop and grow. Last year, we reached over 16,000 women and girls through the Live Your Dream Awards and Dream It, Be It program. Over 16,000 lives changed. As a member, corporate partner and personal donor, I am so proud to be a part of this change.

In my professional life, I advise women on how to use financial strategies to feel more secure about their lives and plan for their retirement every day. However, one of my favorite topics is teaching women strategies for investing in each other, which secures the future for all of us. Here are the top 5 strategies I use personally, and when advising some of my clients:

    1. Be creative and make non-cash gifts (including stock) part of your giving each year. By giving appreciated stock you can give a gift with impact while mitigating the tax implications.
    2. Prioritize your impact. There are many valuable causes in the world but your annual philanthropic contributions can make more impact if you prioritize your goals and award funding to what really matters. Think about it, you can write 25 checks for $100 making small changes at multiple organizations or you could write 1 check for $2,500 and literally make a tidal wave of change for 1 woman through the Live Your Dream Award. Understanding how you want to make impact is a key component in creating a successful giving strategy.
      Past President Dawn Marie Lemonds welcoming SI/Center City member Adrienne Horen to the Laurel Society Inner Circle in 2018.
    3. If creating impact resonates with you, a donor advised fund may be a wonderful method to carry out your charitable intentions. Working with families of significant wealth for several years, I assist clients with the implementation of various philanthropic strategies. DAFs are worth considering if you have not already committed a specific dollar amount to a charity in writing and you want to give substantially to more than one charity. In some cases you can open a DAF for as little as $5,000.
    4. Contemplate your timing. Many donations are made in the last few weeks of the calendar year, but the needs of non-profits are year-round. Look at your finances and your funding priorities quarterly to see where you can make impact. I use the opening of the Live Your Dream Award applications as my calendar marker for when I give to Soroptimist.
    5. And my final quick tip: consider stack deductions in one tax year. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has implications for US donors but with proper planning, you can fulfill your philanthropic goals and still receive an income tax benefit. The key is knowing your priorities and planning your financial transactions accordingly.

I hope these strategies help as you plan how you will make your own personal impact for 2019, and I look forward to working together to help even more women and girls this year!

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