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SIA's 46th Biennial Convention is July 22-25, 2020, in Bellevue, Washington, USA

Meet the group of Soroptimists/committee chairs who have partnered with headquarters staff to make this an incredible event you sure don’t want to miss. And see what they’re most looking forward to about convention – hopefully it will inspire you to attend too! 

Chair Stephanie Smith

Northwestern Region
Reconnecting with Soroptimist friends from around the globe; making new friends and being inspired to reach new heights in our efforts to help women and girls fulfill their dreams.

 Vice Chair Sue Riney

Northwestern Region
The many ways in which this convention from start to finish will delight and engage our members in “Reaching New Heights,” personally, professionally and as a Soroptimist!

Program Chair - Colleen Schmidt

Western Canada Region

Seeing all of my Soroptimist friends and being inspired by new ideas.

General Session Chair - Kathy King

Northwestern Region

I love that convention gives us the opportunity to personally connect with club members throughout our federation, gaining new friendships, ideas, and sharing with them our best practices too.

 Sponsorship Chair -  Kelly Fogarty

Camino Real Region

I'm excited to help present a convention that will feature many opportunities for members to learn and participate in the growth of our wonderful organization. 

Marketing Chair - Leanne Davis

Founder Region

On top of meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones, I am most looking forward to learning new ways to reinvigorate, reengage, and refocus the mission, that I can bring home to share with members of my club.

Exhibitor Chair - Karen Marshall

Northwestern Region

Welcoming Soroptimists from every federation to Bellevue to learn, share, have fun, and be inspired to "reach new heights."

Volunteer Coordinator - Ann Rutledge

Rocky Mountain Region

Reconnecting with Soroptimist friends across the federation, as well the speakers and workshops that energize and inspire me to complete our mission of improving the lives of women and girls.

Hospitality - Theresa Heidt-Vanderschoot

Northwestern Region

Meeting all of the amazing women from all over our federation and watching them enjoy the fun activities and events we have planned.


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